Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Current Projects

Some men are able to put their heads down and focus on one subject to completion and then feel a sense of great satisfaction. Unfortunately I was born without these important skills and find myself scattily dancing between projects, currently including:

  • Age of Enterprise - Age of Enterprise is based on a fairly simple concept: Is it possible to devise a game which is as incredible as the gamers and which will allow each of them to achieve their full potential within the boundaries without being held back?
    • Age of Enterprise provides the background concept - arriving in North America fresh from an oppressive Europe and encourages gamers with achievements and status.
    • Age of Enterprise provides gamers with the tools to adapt the game to their hearts content. Very few rules are hard-coded into society and it is up to the gamers to decide whether the society will be anything other than anarchic.
    • Age of Enterprise is equally interesting from a technological point of view. The entire game is as decentralized as possible, there is limited use of central servers with peer-to-peer interaction being central.

  • Churchill Friends - Churchill College, Cambridge has been very good to me. On leaving Cambridge I attended several talks on "Networking" and other abusive things. The people you meet at university are more than just "nodes" on a map that will ultimately spell your rise to world domination. It was a strange concept to suggest but the people who I care about keeping in contact with are not "Contacts" but Friends.
    • Churchill Friends is intended to be a site where Churchill Students can speak to each other and keep in touch throughout their lives.
    • Churchill Friends is not intended to be a weight around your neck, becoming a social faux pas not to have logged on, but an unintrusive site intended to help you keep in contact with the friends you have not seen while you were busily Networking!

  • Student Housing Online - Finding the perfect love match at university is hard, with the one thing harder finding decent accommodation in the second year. Renting accommodation from trustworthy landlords is important to every Student. Finding Students with which to trust their beloved home is important to every landlord. The result: Student Housing Online.
    • Student Housing Online Ltd. is a company set up by Yi Hoo Ong at the age of just 21. Yihoo is incredible in the fact that he has driven this student housing forward against all the odds and with his friends at heart. Yihoo began this company to help people. I have been friends with Yihoo for many years and have enjoyed every project that he has started.

  • Wise Innovation - One of my many vices is an extreme laziness. Fortunately you can be even more lazy as the things which I found boring and repetitive have lead me to work on some small programmes which can be run on your Windows PocketPC or Desktop.
    • These Programmes include:
      • A Su Doku solver - once totally frustrated with the fiendish su doku, use this small programme to fill in the remaining squares for you. Totally invaluable. This programme was written to allow entry to The Times (London) competition each day to win champagne.
      • A PDA Bible Programme - If you too believe strongly that there is an almighty creator and that his son Jesus Christ came to earth to save us from the pain and chaos of a mucked up world, then you may find the PDA Bible Programme a useful addition to your PocketPC collection. This was written as a gift for my father, a life long vicar.

Sir Cyril - Mission Statement

Sir Cyril will endevour to get involved with as many projects as possible and use his efforts, resources and knowledge to help those around him enjoy their lives just a little bit more.