Sunday, May 01, 2005

The seed of a new idea - Making E-Commerce available for small companies

What was formally an advantage or indifference to a small company is quickly becoming a necessity. It is essential that your products are services are at least visible online.

Of course there are companies who can ignore this. Those who do not need to increase their visibility and gain customers or those whose customers entirely fall in the rapidly decreasing section of Western Society which does not have internet access.

Searching the internet is the fastest way to gain knowledge of information. Websites such as google and ask jeeves are rapidly becoming the first port of call for a busy society. However, if you do not even have a presence there is little chance that someone else will have kindly directed the public towards your company.

The Wise Innovation Website Manager is a product that will help ensure that you can easily maintain a dynamic feel to your website but in static HTML.

Wise Innovation Website Manager demands very little outlay in terms of time
and money and does not force you into any particular way of publishing online.
In fact is is a simple matter to completely redesign your entire site and
republish it without having to labouriously re-enter/copy-paste text.

In the same way that the blog has allowed any individual to become his own publisher, the Website Manager allows any small business to become its own voice. No longer will you have to rely on "experts" to manage your business (and charge you for it)!

Wise Innovation Website Manager has been designed to help you in the following ways:
  • Reduce the amount of money you have to spend
  • Allow you to test the internet waters before diving in
  • Help drive customers to your website by making it search engine friendly

Reducing the money you have to spend

Being online for most small businesses is prohibitively expensive as many products designed for small businesses have the bad habit of charging you every month for the use of their services, whether or not they help you out. £15 a month may not be much if your business is doing well and you are well versed in the ways of the internet.

This kind of money is, however, a little excessive if all you want to do is see if you really could become self-employed and are producing a small number of products at a fairly low price.

Wise Innovation Website Manager allows you publish a continually changing website to a static html server. These are typically much, much less expensive than a dynamic server.

Removing the pain of uncertain return

Small business consultants will (often correctly) point out that a well-designed online face of your business can give you great returns. They then demand that you believe them and charge you upfront. You have to pay an outlay of a few hundred pounds to create a reasonably professional online store.

If you are in the position of taking the consultant's advice, then it is likely that you have not already had much of a dealing with the internet and are uncertain of the return on what is a lot of money for a small business.

If you are uncertain of the benefits an online site has to offer you, then we suggest you test the waters before swimming with sharks! Do not pay the high costs of an online merchant account before you are sure you have the interest.

Wise Innovation Website Manager provides an easy path to testing the internet waters. It does not allow you to automatically complete transactions online but it does allow you to share all the information potential customers need to decide whether to use your company or not.

Unless you are visible online, the financially rich but time poor working professionals will find it extremely difficult to research your products and decide to buy from you.

Making your website user and search engine friendly

Making your website easy to read and search engine friendly is not a black art, it is a matter of arranging your links sensibly and your pages with a well defined heirarchy. Wise Innovation Website Manager has been designed from the start with creating people friendly, search engine friendly websites in mind.